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Version: 1.15.2


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Parks & Resorts

Disneyland Resort, California

Enter a magical kingdom where pirates roam the seas, explore jungles with exotic animals, dive under the sea and emerge rocketing to the stars! Join Walt and Mickey in their adventures throughout the lands.

Disney California Adventure

Explore a world where the stories of Disney and Pixar come to life. We invite you to explore the 7 exciting lands with attractions that are sure to amaze and shows that will light up the World of Color.

MCAmusement Studios

Unleash your creative side in our Imagineering Studios! Build attractions, parks, and anything you can imagine on our 1001x1001 plots! Interact with other guests, make friends, and work on projects together!


EPCOT Center 1989

Experience the original vision and charm of EPCOT Center in this one of a kind project. Starting back in 2016, HorizonParks has rebuilt and remastered the original park. Relive all of the classic pavilions that will be sure to entertain, educate and inspire.

Disneyland 1956

Journey back more than sixty years ago and experience Walt Disney’s original masterpiece. NGM Entertainment teams up with HorizonParks to bring a realistic experience of Disneyland, from as large as the castle, to as little as the trash cans.

MGM Studios 2001

Enjoy the Hollywood that never was, but always will be on HorizonParks! Take a behind the scenes look at the magic of film production. Experience many thrilling attractions and live entertainment. In this theme park, you are the star!